How to Download Your Images

How to Download Your Image(s) and or Video(s)

Below is a four step process for downloading your images and/or videos:

Gallery Access and Lightboxes

  1. You have been added to your organizations private image galleries.  We sent you an email to finish your account registration by creating a secure passcode.  The link is and create a passcode for yourself and then share that with any member of your team that needs it.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the same email address that we have used to correspond with you.
  2. Create “Lightboxes” to make selections from the files in your gallery(its) and to organize the images in groups that are logical for you and your team.  
    1. To create a Lightbox from within a gallery click on the checkmark that overlays your image when you hover your cursor over it.  
    2. We suggest creating Lightboxes in a thematic way for your favorite files such as what pages you might use the photos on or what the photo is e.g. kayaking, an event, trail work, lobbying,  etc. 
    3. All of your Lightboxes will be here: .  They are automatically named by the date and time they are created, when you click on the Lightbox you will be prompted to rename it (see line b. above).
    4. You can share Lightboxes via email for another person to view, or if they have access, they can download. 
    5. You can download individual files from the Lightbox or all of the files within that lightbox.  You can do the same thing with the galleries if you want to and skip the Lightbox.  
  3. You can also download low resolution files which are instantaneous for wire-framing, etc. To download the high resolution files, you Click on Download All and then the system will retrieve the high resolution files from “cold storage on AWS” and will send you an email with a link to download the zipped file, once the files have been retrieved.
  4. If you want multiple access codes to have additional team members be able to use their own email address or if you are using 3rd party contractors for your social media and/or website management have them go to and create an account and then have them notify us (this is a manual process, so it is not instantaneous).  We will notify them once they have been added.  For security purposes if the account owner has not mentioned the user to us in writing we will contact you prior to granting them access to your files.


If you need anything or have any questions please just reach out.  We would prefer to answer your question rather than you clicking around for 10-15 minutes trying to figure something out.



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